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BL High-Temperature Aerobic Fast Fermentation Tank
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BL High-Temperature Aerobic Fast Fermentation Tank

High-temperature aerobic fermentation tank is the environmental protection equipment researched and developed by our company, this equipment makes use of the decomposition of microorganisms in nature, after about 7 days of continuous aerobic fermentation in a closed tank, the organic solid waste will be processed into organic fertilizer which can be used for crops by microbial fermentation, deodorization and putrefaction, aerobic fermentation is a kind of treatment method to obtain organic fertilizer with less malodorous occurrence and energy saving.

Rapid high temperature aerobic organic fertilizer fermentation tank can not only be used to deal with all kinds of farm manure, such as: pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc.; but also can deal with other organic wastes, such as: mushroom dregs, traditional Chinese medicine dregs, crop residue, etc., 10 hours can complete the harmless treatment process, rapid fermentation tank occupies an area of less, closed fermentation, can kill pathogenic bacteria and eggs, is the vast number of aquaculture enterprises, circular agriculture, Eco-agriculture is the choice to realize the resourceful use of waste. Capacity can be customized according to customer demand. High-temperature aerobic organic fertilizer rapid fermentation tank is suitable for powder and liquid mixing of various ingredients, with good mixing uniformity, less material residue, wide applicability, easy maintenance, etc. It is the ideal equipment for mixing and processing of powdery materials.


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How the fermentation tank works?

Livestock and poultry waste will be added to the high-temperature aerobic fermentation tank, the vortex air pump in the tank sends oxygen through the aeration holes on the stirring shaft, while the stirring shaft stirs, and under the action of aerobic bacterial agent, the temperature will be raised to 50-60 degrees gradually, and after more than 7 days of fermentation and putrefaction, it will effectively kill the insect eggs and pathogenic bacteria, and achieve the standard of harmlessness and reduction treatment, and the materials inside the fermentation chamber will fall down layer by layer under the action of the main shaft as well as gravity, and the good organic fertilizer will be discharged from the discharge port. The fermented organic fertilizer is discharged from the discharge port.(No wastewater or waste is discharged during the treatment process, achieving zero-pollution treatment.)


Advantages of Bolong High temperature aerobic chicken manure fermentation tank.


  1. Closed tank: the tank is fully closed, the fermentation process is not affected by the temperature and humidity of the natural environment, so that the production of organic fertilizer reaches industrial production, preventing the leakage of waste gas produced by fermentation and eliminating secondary pollution.


  1. Thermal insulation treatment: the internal tank is insulated with polyurethane, which is less affected by the outside world and ensures year-round fermentation. At the same time to improve the energy efficiency, to achieve energy saving and rapid fermentation effect.


  1. Long service life: the inner wall of the tank is made of 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion and long service life.


  1. Electrical control: the use of PLC chip automatic and manual control system, easy to operate the control, a certain degree of savings in labour costs.


  1. Saving land: this equipment adopts three-dimensional design, saving the use of land area.


  1. Environmental protection design: the exhaust gas treatment system can effectively remove ammonia and other harmful gases produced during the fermentation process, while the fermented organic fertilizer can be applied to farmland and orchards to improve the soil and increase fertility.



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