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High Temperature Aerobic Compost Tank
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High Temperature Aerobic Compost Tank

“Bolong”Animal Waste Harmless Treatment Equipment (Bolong Compost Tank) can be used to treat all different types of animal feces, animal carcasses, kitchen waste, and municipal sewage sludge. Any organic matter with less than 70% moisture,can be added into the compost tank for composting without adding other organic matters. Our tanks can operate effectively in wide varieties of regions, including regions with high humidity and regions with very low temperature. We utilize vertical enclosed composting tank structure. This requires minimal amount of land area. The equipment employs aerobic micro-flora fermentation. The micro-flora flourish and multiply rapidly in the ideal temperature, humidity, and aerobic condition in the tank,digesting the organic matters. Resulting the rapid breakdown of organic matters. The final product is harmless high quality organic compost fertilizer.

How Does The Compost Tank work?

The compost tank is a continuous system. Everyday, organic waste is loaded into the compost tank. And everyday, organic compost fertilizer is harvested. The loading hopper is filled with organic waste, hydraulically lifted to and tipped and dumped into the compost tank. The stirring

blades in the tank slowly mixing the organic matter inside. The heat ex-changer utilizes the heat from the waste air exhausted to the heat up the fresh air and then pumped into the tank. This warm air is introduced into the tank via holes inside the stirring blades. The warm air accelerated the fermentation as well as evaporating the excess moisture. On average, in 7 days, the organic waste turns into high quality compost organic fertilizer.


Bolong Gas Deodorization System 5.0

This system uses the ammonia water solubility principle, along with an activated carbon filter

as well as odor removing microorganisms. The system absorbs and disintegrates the waste gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methanethiol. Maintaining the water temperature under 35°C, allows the deodorizing micro flora to multiply rapidly. This deodorizing system ensures that the offensive odors of the waste gases are effectively removed.The operator may refill the water when the water level is low. This deodorizing system is simple to maintain and it has been proved to be highly effective.

Why Choose Bolong Compost Tank?

The motto of Bolong Animal Equipment Machinery Company is, “Your success and satisfaction is our Success.” We employ the most advanced manufacturing equipment technology and the highest precision in our manufacturing. We combine this with the best technical training and outstanding after sales service. We are confident that you will be delighted that the Bolong Compost Tank is the lowest in energy consumption and maintenance costs. We will help you to be the most competitive in this market.

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