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Bonglong High-temperature Aerobic Compost Tank
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Bonglong High-temperature Aerobic Compost Tank

High-temperature aerobic compost tank is our self-developed environmental protection equipment, the equipment uses the decomposition of microorganisms in nature, after 7 days of continuous aerobic fermentation in a closed tank, organic solid waste through microbial fermentation, deodorization, putrefaction and other roles into organic fertilizers that can be used for crops, aerobic fermentation is a less malodorous, energy-saving method of obtaining treatment of organic fertilizers.

Equipment Introduction

“Bolong” brand High-temperature Aerobic Compost Tank is suitable for different humidity broiler, egg chicken manure, moisture as long as within 50% ~ 70%, without adding any auxiliary materials, can be directly into the tank, the equipment can adapt to the high humidity, high cold in different geographical areas, the use of vertical closed tank structure, reducing the installation of the The equipment can adapt to different regions with high humidity and high cold. The equipment adopts aerobic microorganism aerobic fermentation principle, so that the microorganisms use the organic matter, residual protein, etc. in livestock and poultry faeces and carcasses, and reproduce rapidly under a certain temperature, humidity and sufficient oxygen environmental conditions, so as to achieve the harmless treatment of livestock and poultry wastes.

It is a continuous system where waste can be put in every day and organic fertiliser is produced every day. The bucket elevator lifts the organic waste and automatically places it into the (tank). The organic waste is mixed in the tank by means of mixing blades. A special heat exchanger uses the heat of the waste gases to heat up fresh air and bring it into the tank, where the hot air is blown through holes in the blades. The warm air accelerates the aerobic fermentation and evaporation of water from the organic waste, which is converted into high-quality organic fertilizer after an average of seven days.



Bonglong High-temperature Aerobic Compost Tank

The whole equipment structure is divided into three parts, the lower part of the base part of the distribution of hydraulic stations, scroll air pumps, cylinders, heating systems and mixing shafts, etc.: the middle of the double-layer insulated tanks, equipment, automatic control systems, export devices, etc., the inner wall of the tank is lined with 304 stainless steel plate, effectively extending the life of the tank and reduce the residue of rotting matte, the middle of the polyurethane foam filled with thermal insulation, the outer wall of the thickening of the steel sheet as a support! Tank body: the upper part is composed of storm shelter, testing platform and exhaust facilities and other devices. Attached equipment are automatic bucket elevator, exhaust gas filtering and deodorizing system and heat exchange system.



After-sales Service


Ltd. in line with the “user satisfaction is the success of the Bolong” business philosophy, in addition to the use of advanced and reliable equipment, reasonable and perfect technology and other hardware, but also a complete means of training, high-quality service system as a back-up, to ensure that the Bolong machinery built the quality of the project, and at the same time reduce the production of energy consumption and maintenance costs! In order to make users invincible in the fierce market competition.


Warranty period service commitment.

  1. train users to be able to operate, use and maintain the equipment independently with Bolong’s operation and maintenance technology 2. complete the installation of the equipment, provide the first fermentation service and train the equipment operators to learn the fermentation technology completely to ensure that the relevant personnel can operate independently.
  2. Provide 7×24 hours hotline service, and designate a person responsible for door-to-door acceptance of debugging routine maintenance and usually assist the buyer to maintain the test and other work.
  3. Answer technical problems in a timely manner, if the user can not solve the technical problems, our company promptly send people to the user site to assist in the guidance.
  4. I provide software upgrades, will take the initiative to go to the door to provide users with free upgrade services: 6. We ensure that we are firmly in accordance with national laws and regulations and the terms of the contract signed with your company, the strict implementation of the warranty service. Warranty period, such as our reasons for the quality of the equipment caused by the problem, we will send technicians, your company’s project to provide free warranty services, free of charge to provide spare parts; such as improper operation or other human factors caused by equipment failure or damage, the user can not solve the problem, our company free of charge to send people to assist in the door to help repair and solve the problem, the replacement of parts and components charged only the cost of the fee;.
  5. For the user can not eliminate the fault, directly affecting the production of the case, our company will respond within 2 hours, within 24 hours to send someone to the scene to solve the problem.
  6. 10 after-sales service vehicles of Bolong Company, 320 days in the country at any time to provide customers with product upgrades and equipment maintenance services.


National Customer Service Hotline:400 800 9989


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