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High-temperature fermentation tank
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High-temperature fermentation to help the production of bio-organic fertiliser to release the dividends of environmental protection

As a professional manufacturer of high-temperature aerobic fermentation equipment, we know that in the current social context of increasing attention to environmental protection, how to achieve the recycling of agricultural waste through efficient technical means has become the focus of attention of the majority of farmers. My company developed a high-temperature fermentation tank system, it is the starting point, for the majority of farmers to provide a high-quality bio-organic fertiliser production solutions, and release a number of environmental dividends.


Promote the full maturation of organic matter and enhance the nutrient content of fertiliser.

As we all know, the traditional way of livestock and poultry manure treatment often exists problems such as insufficient fermentation and serious nutrient loss, which affects the quality of the final organic fertiliser. Our high-temperature fermentation tank system can create the best growth environment for aerobic microorganisms through precise temperature control and sufficient mechanical mixing, ensuring that the organic matter in the manure is fully ripened and decomposed.


This not only greatly improves the fermentation efficiency, but also greatly concentrates the nutrients of the organic fertiliser, so that the final product contains higher nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, more in line with the needs of crops. At the same time, our drying and crushing functions further improve the physical and chemical properties of the organic fertiliser, making it easier to store and apply.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining ecological balance

Organic fertilizer production machines

In addition to improving the quality of organic fertiliser, our high temperature fermentation technology also plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining ecological balance.

Firstly, our fermentation equipment can effectively inhibit the release of methane, ammonia and other harmful gases in the manure, thus reducing the pollution of the atmosphere. At the same time, the high temperature heat generated during the fermentation process can be recycled through the heat exchange device, further saving energy consumption.Secondly, the production of high-quality organic fertiliser can not only replace chemical fertiliser and improve soil structure, but also effectively reduce the amount of chemical fertiliser and pesticide application, thus significantly reducing the environmental load in agricultural production. This not only helps to build green ecological agriculture, but also contributes to the fight against climate change.Last but not least, our fermentation system helps farmers to utilise manure resources locally, which significantly reduces the cost of transport and disposal, and avoids secondary pollution of manure during transport or storage.Overall, our high-temperature fermentation tank system, with excellent bio-organic fertiliser production performance and good environmental protection effect, provides a reliable and environmentally friendly agricultural waste recycling solution for the majority of farmers, contributing to the construction of resource-saving and environmentally friendly agricultural development model.

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