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High temperature aerobic fermentation equipment
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Stabilising the quality of bio-organic fertiliser through controlled fermentation

fermentation tank

As a professional manufacturer of high-temperature aerobic fermentation equipment, we are well aware of the critical impact of the fermentation process on the quality of the final bio-organic fertiliser. Therefore, our company has invested a lot of money and energy to develop a set of industry-leading high-temperature fermentation technology, which can provide farmers with high-quality and stable organic fertiliser solutions.


Enhance organic matter content and nutrient absorption and utilisation

Firstly, our high-temperature fermentation device can fully regulate the temperature, humidity, aeration and other key parameters to create the best growth environment for aerobic bacteria. This not only improves the fermentation efficiency and shortens the fermentation period, but also ensures that the organic matter is fully decomposed, retaining and concentrating the nutrients to the maximum extent.Compared with traditional compost, our fermented products contain more than 20% more organic matter and are richer in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other key nutrients. This not only enhances the application effect of organic fertiliser and reduces the need for chemical fertiliser inputs, but also promotes the activity of soil microorganisms and improves the soil structure, thus increasing the nutrient absorption and utilisation rate of crops.


Eliminate the pollution of harmful substances to ensure biosafety

Secondly, our fermentation equipment can also effectively prevent the pollution of various harmful substances. During the fermentation process, we can accurately control the temperature to ensure that it meets the standard requirements of killing pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, etc. to ensure the hygiene and safety of bio-organic fertiliser.At the same time, our fully enclosed design can also effectively isolate the toxic gases generated during the fermentation process, avoiding secondary pollution to the operators and the surrounding environment. After drying and crushing, the product is easier to store and transport. This not only improves ease of use, but also reduces the risk of cross contamination.


Enhance the application effect and realise the sustainable development of agriculture

In short, our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology ensures that bio-organic fertiliser reaches excellent levels in terms of nutrient content, hygiene and safety, and significantly improves its application effect.This is undoubtedly a great blessing for the majority of farmers. The wide application of organic fertiliser can not only effectively replace chemical fertiliser and reduce environmental pollution, but also improve the soil structure, contributing to a key step towards sustainable agricultural development.Therefore, we sincerely invite you to visit our production equipment and experience our high-temperature fermentation technology, which will impress you with the quality and application effect of bio-organic fertiliser. Let’s work together to promote the green transformation of agriculture and contribute to the construction of a beautiful and livable rural environment.

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