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world’s leading high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology
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The world’s leading high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology

As a manufacturer of high-temperature aerobic fermentation equipment, our company has been committed to research and development and promotion of international advanced organic fertiliser production process, to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture. After years of exploration, we have mastered a set of industry-leading fermentation technology, which can provide farmers with tailor-made solutions for organic fertiliser of high quality and stability.


Strict process control to ensure the quality of fermentation

Firstly, our high-temperature aerobic fermentation plant can precisely regulate all key parameters, including temperature, humidity, aeration, etc., to create an optimal growth environment for aerobic microorganisms. This not only greatly improves fermentation efficiency and shortens the fermentation cycle, but also ensures that the organic matter is fully decomposed, retaining and concentrating nutrients to the maximum extent possible.At the same time, our airtight design can effectively isolate the toxic gases generated during the fermentation process, eliminating secondary pollution to the operators and the surrounding environment. After drying and crushing, the product is easier to store and transport, providing customers with safer and more hygienic organic fertiliser.

In addition, our company also attaches great importance to the control of biosafety. During the fermentation process, we can precisely control the temperature to ensure that it meets the standard requirements of killing pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, so as to ensure the food safety of bio-organic fertiliser.This is due to the advanced fermentation process that we have introduced, which can completely eliminate all kinds of harmful substances under the premise of ensuring the maximum retention of nutrients. This not only ensures the food safety of organic fertiliser, but also provides a reliable guarantee for farmers in the production of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products.


Promote the green cycle to achieve sustainable development of agriculture

In conclusion, our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology not only reaches the international advanced level in terms of nutrient content, hygiene and safety, but also significantly improves the application effect of organic fertiliser, contributing to a key step towards sustainable agricultural development.Through the wide application of high-quality organic fertiliser, it can not only effectively replace chemical fertiliser and reduce environmental pollution, but also improve soil structure and promote the recycling of nutrients. This not only helps to improve the quality and yield of agricultural products, but also injects new energy into building a beautiful and livable rural environment.Therefore, we sincerely invite all farmers to visit us and experience our advanced fermentation technology. Let’s work hand in hand to contribute to the development of green agriculture.

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