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Intelligent High Temperature Aerobic Fermenter
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Intelligent High Temperature Aerobic Fermenter Easy Maintenance and Management

As a professional manufacturer of high temperature aerobic fermenters, our company has been committed to providing intelligent and comprehensive solutions for organic fertiliser production. Our products adopt industry-leading standards in design and technology, which not only ensure the fermentation quality, but also greatly simplify the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.


Intelligent Operation Control System

cow Manure Fermentation Tanks

Firstly, our fermenters are equipped with a fully automated intelligent control system that monitors and regulates key process parameters, such as temperature, humidity, ph value, etc., in real time to ensure an efficient and stable fermentation process. At the same time, the system can automatically optimise the aeration intensity and mixing frequency according to the characteristics of the raw materials, which greatly improves the fermentation efficiency.What’s more, the control system can also warn of potential faults and provide solutions to help operators quickly respond to various emergencies. This not only improves production safety, but also significantly reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance.


Convenient cleaning design

Bonglong High-temperature Aerobic Compost Tank

In order to further simplify the cleaning work, our fermenter also adopts a number of user-friendly design. For example, the 304 stainless steel inner liner and smooth jointless structure can effectively avoid the accumulation of dirt. At the same time, all the inlets, outlets, observation windows and other parts have been treated with special anti-corrosion treatment to ensure that daily cleaning is convenient and efficient.In addition, our fermenters are equipped with an automatic spraying device, which allows the operator to rinse the inner wall automatically by simply pressing a button. This not only improves cleaning efficiency, but also significantly reduces labour intensity and makes equipment maintenance easier.


Intelligent Remote Monitoring


In addition, our fermenters also support remote monitoring and troubleshooting. By connecting the equipment to the Internet, operators can view production data anytime, anywhere, and receive intelligent warning messages so that timely action can be taken.For some complex faults, our professional service team can also be connected remotely for troubleshooting and maintenance guidance, greatly reducing equipment downtime and improving production stability.In short, our high-temperature aerobic fermenter is at the forefront of the industry in intelligent and humane design, which really makes it easy to maintain and clean efficiently. We sincerely invite our customers to visit us and experience the advantages of our products. Let us work together to create a greener, sustainable future!

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