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High service life of High-temperature fermentation tank
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High service life of equipment creates long-term return

As a professional manufacturer of organic fertiliser fermentation equipment, we understand that the service life of the equipment is crucial for customers. Equipment life not only affects the continuity and stability of production, but also directly determines the long-term profitability of customers. Therefore, we always build our high-temperature aerobic fermenters to the highest standards to ensure that they bring lasting value to our customers.


High-quality materials and durability


Our fermenters are made of high-quality carbon steel, which is carefully heat-treated and surface-treated to provide not only high corrosion and abrasion resistance, but also a strong and reliable overall structure. Even under the long-term high temperature and high pressure environment, the equipment can maintain stable operation, avoiding all kinds of failures caused by material aging.In addition, we have also carried out special reinforcement design on the key components of the equipment, such as the use of thickened flanges, reinforcing bars and other measures to further improve the overall load-bearing capacity and impact resistance, so that the equipment can withstand a variety of complex working conditions.


Intelligent control system Extend service life


In addition to high-quality hardware, our fermenter is also equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, which can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time and automatically adjust the process parameters according to the actual situation to ensure that the equipment is always in the best working condition.This can not only maximise the energy efficiency of the equipment, reduce energy loss, but also effectively extend the service life of the equipment. Our technicians also provide professional equipment maintenance training to our customers, helping them to better maintain and manage their equipment to further extend its service life.


Durable and trustworthy


As mentioned above, our high temperature aerobic fermenters not only excel in production performance, but also have extraordinary advantages in terms of service life. Through the selection of high-quality materials, intelligent control systems and professional maintenance services, our equipment can operate stably for a long time under severe working conditions, creating greater value for our customers.

We sincerely invite you to visit our products and experience their excellent quality and lasting value. Let’s join hands to create green development and write a better future for organic fertiliser industry!

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