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fermentation for sustainable development of farms
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Compliant fermentation for sustainable development of farms

As a professional manufacturer of organic fertiliser fermentation equipment, we understand that compliance has become a critical issue for farms in the face of increasingly stringent environmental policies. Therefore, we have always been committed to providing farmers with fermentation solutions that comply with environmental standards and help them achieve sustainable development.


Strictly controlled emissions

As regulations continue to be introduced, more stringent requirements are being placed on the treatment of manure and the production of organic fertilisers on farms. Our high-temperature aerobic fermenters are designed with this in mind, using advanced pollutant treatment technologies to effectively reduce emissions and ensure full compliance with current environmental standards.For example, our fermenters are equipped with a highly efficient deodorisation system, which significantly reduces the emission of malodorous gases; at the same time, we have also adopted a sophisticated water treatment process, which avoids the direct discharge of sewage produced during the fermentation process and ensures the safety of the water environment.


In addition, our fermentation equipment is also airtight, which can effectively block the leakage of dust and bacterial particles, minimising the impact on the surrounding environment.


Compliance is a hard ethic

In addition to meeting various environmental requirements at the equipment level, we also attach great importance to compliance training and guidance services for our customers. We send professional technicians to train farmers to ensure that they are able to operate their fermentation equipment correctly and are legally compliant.At the same time, we also keep a close eye on changes in relevant regulations, communicate the latest information to our customers in real time, and provide professional advice to help them keep abreast of industry trends and ensure that their operations are legally compliant.

We believe that only through compliance can farmers truly achieve sustainable development. Therefore, we will continue to provide high-quality fermentation equipment and services to help farmers successfully pass the test of regulation and write a brilliant chapter of green agriculture together.


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