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Highly efficient fermentation
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Highly efficient fermentation creates perfect organic fertiliser

As a professional manufacturer of organic fertiliser fermentation equipment, we understand that in the actual production process, customers often face a variety of difficult challenges. Therefore, we are always committed to providing high-quality fermentation solutions to help customers easily deal with all kinds of problems, to achieve the maximum benefits of organic fertiliser production.


Challenge 1: Low fermentation efficiency


When dealing with livestock and poultry manure, due to the complexity of the composition of the material, containing a large number of cellulose, lignin and other difficult to degrade substances, it is easy to cause low fermentation efficiency, the cycle is long.

Our solution: Our high-temperature aerobic fermenter adopts unique pre-treatment technology, which can effectively decompose these difficult-to-biodegrade organic materials and greatly improve the fermentation efficiency. At the same time, we also equipped with intelligent control system, can accurately adjust the parameters of the whole process of fermentation, to ensure that the material in the best state of fermentation, thus shortening the cycle and improving product quality.


Challenge 2: Odour emission


In the traditional fermentation process, a large amount of odourous gas is generated, which not only affects the surrounding environment, but also puts greater pressure on the enterprise to deal with it.

Our solution: Our fermenter adopts advanced deodorisation technology, which can effectively capture and treat these harmful gases. At the same time, we have equipped the equipment with an efficient ventilation system to ensure good air circulation at the fermentation site, thus minimising gas emissions.


Challenge 3: Poor safety


Many traditional fermentation equipment have poor safety performance and are prone to accidents, posing great safety risks to workers and companies.

Our solution: Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation tanks are fully enclosed, providing a high level of safety. At the same time, we also equip the equipment with multiple safety protection devices, including explosion-proof, overflow-proof, anti-scald, etc., to ensure that the equipment can be operated safely under any circumstances, and protect the workers’ lives to the maximum extent.

To sum up, our high temperature aerobic fermenter can effectively solve all kinds of problems faced by customers in the process of organic fertiliser production, greatly improve the fermentation efficiency and product quality, and create considerable economic benefits for customers. We sincerely invite you to come to visit us, experience the advantages of our products, and jointly create a green and efficient organic fertiliser business!

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