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Highly efficient fermentation
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Highly efficient fermentation to help your organic fertiliser business take off

As a professional manufacturer of organic fertiliser fermentation equipment, we always adhere to the customer’s needs as the guide, and constantly optimise the product design, to provide more efficient and energy-saving fermentation solutions for the majority of organic fertiliser producers.


Intelligent control to improve efficiency

Our high-temperature aerobic fermenter adopts advanced intelligent control system, which can automatically monitor and adjust the temperature, pH value, oxygen content and other key parameters of the whole process of fermentation to ensure that the indicators are always in the best state.At the same time, our fermenter is also equipped with a high-power stirring device, which can continuously and evenly stir the fermentation material, avoiding the existence of the dead zone and greatly improving the material utilisation rate. This not only shortens the fermentation cycle, but also improves the quality of the product, creating more value for customers.


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly design concept

In addition to intelligent control, the design of our fermentation equipment also reflects a high degree of energy saving and environmental protection concept. Firstly, we have adopted highly efficient heat recovery technology, which utilises the heat generated during the fermentation process to preheat the raw materials, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.In addition, our fermentation tanks are insulated with advanced insulation materials, effectively blocking the loss of heat from the outside world and further improving the efficiency of energy utilisation. At the same time, we have equipped the equipment with an automatic control system, which can automatically adjust the heat supply according to the actual situation, avoiding energy waste.


Professional Operation and Maintenance Services


In addition to the efficiency of the product itself, our professional service team is also the key to ensure that our customers get the maximum benefit. We will send experienced engineers to guide you through the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that it is always in the best operating condition.At the same time, we will also carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment, timely detection and resolution of all kinds of hidden problems, to avoid production losses caused by equipment failure. In addition, we also provide perfect technical training and emergency services to ensure that customers can safely and efficiently operate the equipment to give full play to its performance advantages.In short, our high temperature aerobic fermenter integrates intelligent control, energy saving, environmental protection and professional service, which can maximise the efficiency and benefit of organic fertiliser production. We sincerely invite our customers to come to visit us, feel the charm of our products, and jointly create a greener, more efficient organic fertiliser business!



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