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reliable fermentation equipment
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Attaching great importance to safety to create a reliable fermentation equipment for you

The production and operation of organic fertiliser equipment is a professional and sensitive work, as a leading company in the industry, our company has always taken safety as a top priority, and constantly improve the safety measures to provide customers with green, safe and worry-free use of high-temperature aerobic fermenter.


All-round safety guarantee

First of all, our fermenter in the design and manufacture of strict compliance with relevant national safety standards, the use of high-quality 304 stainless steel to ensure that the equipment body of high strength and corrosion resistance. At the same time, we also installed multiple protection devices inside the tank, such as emergency shut-off valve, overpressure protection device, etc., can effectively deal with all kinds of unexpected safety hazards.In addition, our equipment is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that detects and displays the fermentation parameters in real time. Once an abnormality is detected, the system will immediately send out an early warning signal to help the operator take timely countermeasures to minimise safety risks.


Professional safety training

In addition to hardware safety, we also attach great importance to the safety training of users. We will send experienced engineers to provide systematic safety training to our customers’ operators, including the structure of the equipment, process flow, emergency plans, etc., to ensure that they have perfect safety management knowledge and skills.At the same time, we also have a perfect safety production management system, regular safety inspections and guidance to customers, and timely tracking and analysis of hidden safety problems in the fermentation process, to give targeted solutions. This not only effectively improves the level of production safety, but also ensures the personal safety of operators to the maximum extent.


Thorough Emergency Planning

In the event of an emergency, our fermentation plants are equipped with comprehensive emergency measures. For example, an emergency cut-off button is installed on the equipment, which can be pressed by the operator to cut off the power supply and gas source as soon as a problem is detected, thus reducing the spread of accidents.In addition, our products also adopt multiple protection measures such as anti-leakage and anti-leakage, effectively avoiding the leakage of harmful substances and protecting the surrounding ecological environment. Meanwhile, our service team is always on standby to provide professional technical support and emergency rescue to minimise the damage caused by accidents.In short, in terms of production safety, our company has always adhered to the concept of “prevention first, full participation”, through the hardware facilities, management system and emergency plans for the comprehensive upgrading, for customers to create a truly assured, safe high temperature aerobic fermentation equipment. We sincerely invite our customers to visit us and experience our strict safety management. Let us work together to build a safer and greener organic fertiliser production system!

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